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Peugeot 207 various dashboard warnings
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 Posted: Wed Jan 3rd, 2018 06:34 am
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Hi all,

My MOT is due on my 207 and as it had the ABS faulty light showing I was concerned about it not passing it and costing more than the car was worth ( it's got numerous dents not due to my driving but someone crashing into me and driving off and my partner scraping it up against a bollard) so it looks awful but as long as it's safe and drives I'm fine with it.

I took it to get a pre MOT test done at my friends partners garage and they gave me a list of all the things it would fail on and how much each would cost to get fixed.

I was pleasantly surprised that the ABS and little bit that needed doing wasn't as much as I thought and it was worth getting it done so I got that booked in for a week before the MOT was due and that was all fine. I just had to get new tyres ( 4 I didn't realise I was driving around with four illegal ones so I had to get those the same day!) and bang a bit of a sharp edge out.

As soon as we drove out of the garage well when we restarted it and the warning lights appeared - sods law it didn't show up when we were there another warning light flashed up saying anti pollution faulty and has been there since.

The next day LH indicator light faulty flashed up which isn't an issue as this is easily fixed.

Then I noticed a couple of times after it had been hot ( not sure if that's relevant) that the engine warning light came on and now seems to have stayed on.

Does anyone have any experience with 207s and knows if this is going to be costly and what on earth they could mean?

When researching it quite a few people have said to put reddex and premium petrol into the car and take it up the motorway at a steady speed and not to rag it and this does make sense as the car was used to driving up and down the motorway but for the last few months has not been driven far at all. However I'm concerned about doing this now that the engine warning light has come on.

In an ideal world the car would have only cost the couple of hundred we thought (plus the £100 for the tyres) to be useable until December. When the insurance ends and when we were thinking of leasing one ( but that's a whole new thread on finding out all about leasing) so if the car is going to cost much more than this I can't afford to get it done and will have to forego one for a while.

Please help.

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